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07 March 2009 @ 02:27 pm
Topsy Turvy  
I'm looking at my calendar for the next three to four months and trying to get a handle on things. A couple weeks ago I was chatting with a friend (waves) and the phrase "a good scrubbing" came up. I took that advice and did a salt scrub and a massage and that started the process. Now I'm looking at the things I spend time doing and making some choices...
Where do I want this to lead?
How much time am I willing to devote to it?
Do I love it enough to keep it?

In no particular order the major things are:
Dance classes - available in the coming session are Arabic, American Tribal Style, Dancer Workout, Zills
Dance company board of directors - not usually a lot of time, but several hour chunks without much notice, or entire weekends with some notice
Pagan Community group - meets once a month, quarterly newsletter, public rituals and social events
Time with kids - nonnegotiable
Sewing - clothes, dance costumes
Quilting - three projects in progress, two that need to be finished, on idea I'd love to sleep under
Knitting - two to three projects for myself on needles, one afghan on needles
Embroidery - love those dish towels, altar cloth ideas
Work - coming three to four months will involve weeks with regular business hours, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm shifts, 7:00 pom - 4:00 am shifts, in addition to managing my project and writing proposals for new work
Spiritual Work - slipped significantly over the winter, needs time everyday
Time with Sweetheart - what? when? where?

Here's the plan:
Make ample use of my calendar and keep it with me all the time.
Start carrying handwork (knitting, embroidery) with me again.
Set up a bedtime routine so my body knows when its time to sleep this week.
Move in some way everyday, whether its dance class or walking for 15 min.
Clean house everyday for 15 minutes (will save sanity).
Meditation and/or devotionals everyday when I wake up, even if its only ten minutes.
Go to work happy to see the people I work with even if they aren't the ones I'd prefer to be talking to at 2:00 am.
Keep editing the newsletter, let everything else fall away if necessary.

I see another salt scrub in my near future... one more layer.